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Department of World Languages

Language learning is an adventure. We want you to take the time to enjoy the scents, colors, sounds, tastes and textures of the language and culture you are acquiring.

About the Department

The Department of World Languages provides instruction in modern world languages with an emphasis on communicative competence and cultural and historical knowledge of the target language; it prepares graduates to understand, communicate, and serve people and communities with compassion throughout the world from a thoughtful Christian perspective. The Department of World Languages prepares educators for service within public or private schools in the fields of English as a Second Language Education and Spanish Education who engage the learning community through effective, learner-centered practices and are grounded in educational theory, content knowledge, reflective inquiry, and appreciation for diversity within a Christ-centered worldview.

Double your languages, double your opportunities—opportunities for employment, career advancement, effective cross-cultural ministries, and travel enrichment!
Feng-Ling Margaret Johnson

The Department of World Languages offers a major in Spanish and partners with the School of Education to offer majors in English as a Second Language (ESL) Education and Spanish Education. The department also works with the Department of Christian Ministries to offer these concentrations for the Intercultural Studies major: Chinese Language, English Language Teaching, and Spanish Language. These majors and programs prepare you for further graduate study and careers working domestically or internationally.


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Learning a world language opens doors for communication, friendships, travel and employment. Today’s environment challenges us to acquire new tools for understanding the variety of cultures that surround us every day. Join us for conversations in a new language!
Matthew Miller
Interim Chair, Department of History & Related Fields
Chair, Department of World Languages
Professor of History
Instructor of Russian Language

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Our Christian faculty include bilingual experts who want to help your grow in your faith and your love of languages.

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